Kim's care for my husband and me during our pregnancy was stellar.  She is the most kind, calm, patient, professional care provider I have come across. We chose homebirth with Kim because we know it to be safe and amazing option for childbearing families.

Kim is an exceptional friend, a wise Midwife, and we hold her close in our hearts for standing watch as we delivered our daughter with peace, security, immense joy, and life-altering passion.

-Holly Best Parker

Jessica Crum

While I have not personally experienced a homebirth, I have witnessed the work the Kim offers women and families. I am blessed to say I work with her. She is caring, supportive, wise, skilled, and aims to give her clients the highest quality care at all times. Should I ever become pregnant again, Kim Jacob Homebirth Services would be on my team.

-Nicolle Fletcher

Kim provided wonderful individualized, evidence-based care for me throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude for the peace she instilled in me. My son was born into his daddy's hands in a birthing pool in our living room, happy and safe, under Kim's gentle guidance. Kim facilitated the most empowering experience of my life!

-Allyn Dodd

Jessica Crum

With the assistance of Kim Jacob, I am a Mum to a precious little girl born at home on a beautiful April morning. I am grateful that my baby girl was able to be welcomed into the world by people who love her most, and in the comfort and safety of our own home.

-Abbey Carpenter

From the  moment I met Kim, I knew she was going to be my midwife. Her calm, yet sweet personality coupled with years of experienced midwifery immediately put me at ease with the unknowns of birth. I knew I was in good hands! Baby number three is soon to be delivered into those same capable hands, and I am so thankful and blessed to be under her care.

-Katie Opris

Jessica Crum-Katie Opris

When I met Kim I was impressed by her experience, openness and gentleness. She brought to the table not only knowledge, but a love for mothers and babies, and a supportive and gentle energy that I knew would suit my birth style well.

We had such a wonderful birth with our 3rd son that that my husband and I didn't hesitate to call her when we got pregnant again! Our 4th birth was another amazing experience and our 4th son was born in the caul an hour after Kim arrived.

               -Amy Van Hooser

She's the best! Always so calm and reassuring. If ever I have another child, I'll definitely return to Kim.

-Cathryn Manis

She was with me during my last birth almost eight years ago, and we still talk every few weeks! She is a beautiful and peacue person- you couldn't ask for a more caring individual to catch your baby.

-Heather Shipley

Kim has a special place in my and my husband's hearts; she was such a strong, supportive presence in our sons birth. I will always look back on that day with love. Choose Kim!

-Kimberly Brown

Best home birther in the south! She reeks of tranquility and emanates comfort, which is just the ticket for the hormonal sways of a life vessel.

-Larissa Gudino

Jessica Crum